Sunday, November 06, 2011

Day 6 Best Friends - Sikisaga :D

The sixth challenge is to draw your best friends. I have many friends since kindergarten until I'm graduate from college. And from each level, I have a some best-best friends that still close until now. I can't draw all of 'em because it's so many! And again, I can't draw face very well ;p

So, I just draw my best friends from my college. I try to draw the forehead and the bangs. Because just some weeks ago, one of them have a special day. She's got engaged with her boyfriend, and we all come to see her. This drawing I make based on our bangs on that day ;p

You can see so many kinds of bangs here ;p

Yupp, I miss that good old days.. And I feel very grateful that we all are grown up now. Facing the future ;D

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