Saturday, November 05, 2011

Day 4 Favorite Place - Bandung

Bandung is so damn freezing right now. I think because it's already rainy season on November. Last time, I read the news that the temperature is around 15-17 degree (Celcius). Whoaa, it's a breezing one. But I do really like it. Even when Bandung is hot, I like it even more (FYI, I don't like rainy days) 

Bandung is so crowded after all. From week to week, the traffic jam getting worse. And when I'm looking at the car on the road, most of all have letter 'B' on their police number. I'm wondering why many Jakarta's people always come to Bandung so often? What are they looking for? And thanks God, you still make my Bandung feel kinda freezing even when so many Jakarta's people so crowded here and might bring some 'hot' situation ;p

I always think that Bandung is so special and beautiful. I think lot of people feel the same way about it. My Bandung is getting crowded and famous. But I hope Bandung will be the same for me. I hope Bandung will never change. Even at least start from some years ago, Bandung have a lot of transformation. I feel a little dissapointed, but this is still my city. I have lived here for almost twenty five years, for whole my life. So I will love this city until I die. I will not forget this city and what happening to me in here. 

With love, from me. :)


  1. cice foto yang ada kursi ama meja itu di mana?

  2. ayo kita sarapan di sana lagi

  3. @ira: itu di Roti Gempol ra.. enak deh tempatnya.. :D
    @arief: ayooo...tar ya klo aku udah ga kerja ;)

  4. oia? lokasi tepatnya dong ce,,hihihi ingin mencoba ke sana XD