Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Try Retro" Journ(al)ey for Delia Safira

Finally, I post something about my book again.. Hehe.. Actually, I already finished this book since like some months ago, but not have time to do the review here. *sigh*

So, now I try to give you some picture about it. The book itself is about retro style. This is a gift for my friend Delia Safira for her journey to another country. She likes vintage stuff, or, it was just my opinion, but I knew her well, so I just make the book based on my tought. Hehe..

For this book, I'm not doing many research, because as you know, I like a lot of vintage stuff as well, so I just draw, and draw, and draw.. For the finishing touch, I add some button with washed-out color for the book cover. It's retro - fun! :D

All using watercolor & tea

see you! :D

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going Home

Idul Fitri again.. Feel so grateful that I still able to celebrate this day. Remember my last year post about Idul Fitri here.

The Gerbera and Pandan Leaf

This year, I was stay in my home for some weeks after I've got my great journey last month. (I'll post about it later)

Rattan chair, and my room entrance

So, for having some free-weeks at home (lets call it holiday ;D ) this picture show what I've got, and I knew, I have something from doing nothing.. Just laying around all day, have quality time with mom, boyfriend, bestfriends, and my cat. What a life.. :)

Strawberry, my sister-in-law bought for making some break-fasting cocktail :D

My cat, Ipin. Take a nap. He sleep a lot.

My brother's bookcase. Kinda messy but precious.