Thursday, November 03, 2011

Day 3 Family - Special Day

Today's challenge is about family. Draw anything about your family. Actually for me, the challenge is kinda hard because I don't know what to draw.. I don't want to draw any face here, because I'm not really good at it. ;p

So I think it's better to draw anything else. And then I remember the special moment in my home every year on Idul Fitri Day. There's so many people came to my house, cousins, auntie, uncle, and the rest of the family ;p

In Indonesia, we have this kind of culture that everytime you come to someone's house, you must open your shoes before enter. So, usually they take off their shoes in the front door of my house, and I can't remember when I start to observe it. I always love to see many kind of shoes and slippers in front door. It's very "family-time" and I feel so happy to see many family member in my house ;)

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