Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Rest - 30 Days of Drawing

Yepp, got no time for make a new post about this "30 Days of Drawing" thing. Cliche. Sorry for being such a bad blogger.

I did complete the 30 Days of Drawing actually. I post it on my Facebook. But got no more extra time to do the review here. So, here it the other 21 days of 30 days of drawing. Hope you still can enjoy it. ;)

Day 8. Your Favourite Sport.

(drawing pen, stabilo)

I'm not really into sport. Dancing is the only 'sport' that I've done ;p

Wiraga refer to your body. Wirama refer to your sense. Wirasa refer to your soul.

Day 9. Something You Like

(drawing pen, watercolor, tea on concorde)

Haha..yes, I'm a chocolate lover. :D

Day 10. Something You Miss.

(Drawing Pen, watercolor on brown paper ;p)

I miss spending time with my boyfriend :)

This is the real picture :

"You and I laughing loudly with no reasons in our walk"

Day 11. Something You Want Today.

(Pen, watercolor on green concorde)

What I want is picnic!! With good book, cute hat, and fresh nectar.
Aaahh..I like going picnic. Can we go now? ;D

Day 12 - Your breakfast today
Marker, tea, on baking paper ;p

I did skip my breakfast today. I was just drinking a cup of tea.. (and that was my mother's writing)

I'm a tea- person, you know.. I have the collection of tea-bag in my room. I hung it on my window :)

Day 13 - Scenery
(watercolor and ink on concorde)
It was just me. Doodling. Playing with the brush ;p

Day 14 - Your Favourite Fruit
(watercolor and pen on padalarang)

Absolutely Cherry!
I'm crazy about cherry. Many people tought it's because of my name. But no, I like cherry because, I just like it ;p

Day 15 - Just Drawing (anything you want)

(watercolor on grey paper)

Because it was rainy day. Rain, rain, and rain.
I want sunshineeee

Image from here.

Day 16 - Your Turning Point in Life.
(ink and pen on concorde)
The pattern is taken from traditional Batik motifs called Cuwiri. Usually used for funeral ceremony.

February 7th, 2003. The day I lost my father. I called it The Black Day.

Day 17 - Your Favourite Superhero

(Pen and watercolor on padalarang)

Haha, I know it looks like an un-original Doraemon. But I can't draw character very well ;p
But still, for me Doraemon is the best superhero! :D

Day 18 - Your Signature
(white pastel on black paper from Tobucil N Klabs)

"It was a book, now its an art"
This is my signature.
This is my little baby I had. I'm workin' on it right now. I make a custom handmade journal for your life journey. 
Please like the page on Facebook here.

Day 19 - Your Dream Last Night
(Pencil,pen, watercolor on concorde)

Actually, I forgot my dream last night. But usually not far from this ;p

Image from here.
Day 20 - Your favourite animal
(Pencil, watercolor, tea on concorde)

Nothing else. Cat will be the answer.

My lovely cat, Ipin. :D

Day 21 - something with stripe
(Pen, watercolor,photoshoped on concorde)

I'd like to go to the beach NOW. I'm crave for it :(

Parangtritis, Yogyakarta

Day 22 - what are you wearing today
(Of course it's refer to November 22th, 2011 - when I draw this)

(Drawing pen, watercolor on padalarang)

This is the 'real' bag
This tote bag is the official merhandise of Matah Ati . They perform a very great performance at TIM Jakarta on May 2011. I wear this bag so often btw. :D

Day 23 - Something New
(Watercolor on black paper from Tobucil N Klabs)

New moon or purnama sidhi in Indonesia. No, not that kind of new moon with vampire and all *rolling eyes*

Day 24 - Something Outside Your Window
(drawing pen, watercolor on padalarang)
(yeah, I know it's inside ;p)
How adorable to see how the clothespin hanging on the rope just like a garland. Love it! :DDay 25 - Something With Your Favourite Color

(Batik on cotton)
from here
from here

I like many many color. Can't decide which one is my fave. So, rainbow is the answer :D

 Day 26 - Your Shoes

(drawing pen,watercolor on padalarang)

Just my wishlist of shoes :D

Day 27 - Your Eyes
(drawing pen, watercolor on padalarang)

The 'real' eyes of me ;p

Day 28 - Your palm line

(pen and watercolor on padalarang)

They said God wrote the number 81 and 18 in the palm of our hands. If we add them up, then the result is 99. It's Asmaul Husna. The 99 names of Allah.

Day 29 - Your Imagination Now

(pen, watercolor on akasia paper)I miss my favourite band Mocca's Swinging Family. Lets go swinging!! :D 

from Google Images.

Day 30 - What would you be someday

(drawing pen, watercolor on concorde)

I wanna be a writer someday. I wrote a lot in here. You can check it if you want.
FYI, I wrote in Bahasa Indonesia. Because that is my own language, so I want to appreciate it. Beside, actually I'm not really good at English as well ;p 

And of course I really like Indonesian literature. 

Oh, is it already 30?? Thanks God, finally I can finish this post after a long time :D
I think this is my longest post on this blog ;p
Thank you for reading it also, so, I'm done for 30 Days of Drawing Project. 

See you around!