Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seven Beloved Items.

I don't know why, lately I feel some kind of too serious. So, this time I decided to post something fun. This is come from Perempuan Sore. She's a broadcaster in my city, and I love how she wrote, very inspiring (you can check here) and on one afternoon, she made this kind of games that we have to take a picture of our seven beloved items, and here's mine :

 Left to right:

* It's a purple hairband, always need it, because I need it to keep my hair proper. Yes, I'm the owner of messy hair type :p
* Black Cherry Umbrella, gift from my very best friend on my birthday. I love cherry very much. And I live in the city that rain frequently

* DIY journal. What more can I say? I put all my journaling thingy here :D
* Amorito Body Shop Perfume. I just love the smell of this perfume. Sweets, and authentic. Unfortunately, this thing discontinued here in Indonesia. I keep the small amount of the liquid there. I will not use it because I'm afraid I can't find the similar fragrance anymore. :(
* My swiss army wristwatch. It's a gift from my old best friend. This item already with me for mmm.. almost 7 or 8 years. And everytime I forgot to wear this things, I always kinda confuse about time :D
* last but not least.. It's my watercolor thingy!! I can't draw anything without them. and of course the brush also. Always the same team, always put them together :)

And this is my table. This is what I see from where I sat and doing some sketch and draw, and sewing, and anything else. Kinda messy, but I love it :D


Thursday, November 08, 2012

About Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Circus Journal for Mbak Ria Papermoon :)

Watercolor  and pen on concorde paper

Let me introduce you to them. They are Tupu and Moyo. They are the character from MWATHIRIKA. The play from Papermoon Puppet Theatre. I know them only from blog and finally some month ago, I met Mbak Ria, the founder of the theatre. She's found Papermoon Puppet Theatre in 2006 and now with her husband, it's expanding. I really adore her and all of her works. And just some days ago, she has her birthday, so I draw this for her birthday. Happy birthday Mbak Ria!! Keep inspire and wishing you have a blissful life!! :D

The picture taken from Papermoon Puppet Theatre Blog

And this is the custom journal I made for Mbak Ria. It was some month ago, she asks me to make custom journal for herself. She wants circus theme! She likes anything festive and carnival thingy.

So, this is how it looks :)

The Cover - Big Red Button :)

View from the back
I hope the journal is fit your expectations and going to be useful for you, Mbak Ria! :D

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

OCTOBER 2012 READY STOCK : Nautical Series

This is still about our new ready stock for this month. The second theme is : (you got it right) NAUTICAL :)
Since it's our best seller, so I try to make another two. This time, I make it with weekly planner inside. With compact size, so, it will be easy for you to bring it anywhere. Even for a sailing ;)

Here they are, the sisters :D

For the first journal, I make the red one. It's portrait, and done with that anchor button tied with blue-ribbon. You have to take it sailing with you! :D

Red Portrait
The button details

The Inside Pages:

The Lighthouse. Watercolor on paper.

Just Relax :) Watercolor on paper.

Weekly planner. With cute little sailing boat :)

 And for the second journal, I made it blue with landscape orientation. It will be so easy to wrote on it while you're relaxing on the beach. Play with the sand, and don't forget to collect the shells and stick it to your journal ;)

Look at those shiny blue-button!
Blue Landscape

The drawing inside are just the same, but with different orientation:
The Lighthouse. Watercolor on paper.

Sit back and Relax. Watercolor on paper.

Weekly planner. Landscape.
And I give some space for you to write or sketch, or doing collage, or whatever you like on a blank-blue -page- with some splashes of watercolor. It's white on blue.

Let's go sailing! Adieu :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

OCTOBER 2012 READY STOCK : Kitchen Series


I've made this series because I was hungry :p
Suddenly it comes to my mind to draw some of 'yummy' thingy. 
At first, I draw some of pastry that I love. I also looking for the references from here
(actually, I've got so many inspiring theme from that website)
"Hmm yummy!" - Watercolor on Paper

And this is what "Belongs To" pages looks like :)
Utensils - Watercolor on Paper
Weekly Planner - Some splashes of watercolor :D

There you go, your splashes of tea.
The Spatulas. A6. 50 Sheets. AVAILABLE

The button details
The Cherries. A6. 50 Sheets. -SOLD

Wrap around your journal

Oh, how I love to eat!! What about you??
So, whatever it is, I hope you all have a nice meals during today and everyday! :D

What's New?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hand Drawn Bookmark, Our Precious.

Okay, this is my latest work. I draw on this little piece of watercolor paper (around 15 x 4.5 cms). Yes, I made this little bookmark. One by one. Each bookmark are specially colored by watercolor.
I've made two sets. Each set contain 5 pieces of bookmark.

 The first one I called "The Birdie Set". There's 5 kinds of little bird. Hummingbird, Blue Jay, Owl, Cockatoo, and Finches. Each bookmark have it own charm. You can see the picture for more details :)

The Birdie Set - 15 x 4.5 Cms
Watercolor on Canson Paper.
5 pcs. 50.000 IDR

Left- Right : Hummingbird, Blue Jay, Finches, Cockatoo, Owl

Hummingbird :)

Blue Jay and Finches

Cockatoo and Owl
The Charm. Gold feather and silver bird.

The second one is all about Alice In Wonderland! Yes, this is "The Alice's Set" I draw some tea-mad-pot and mushroom and cat, and rabbit :D
Just have your own imagination and use it for make your reading day more dreamy :)

The Alice Set - 15 x 4.5 Cms
Watercolor on Canson Paper.
5 pcs. 50.000 IDR

Left- Right :
Peter Rabbit, Mad Tea-pot, Cheshire Cat, Amanita Muscaria, White Rabbit

White Rabbit as servant of the Queen of Hearts

Amanita Muscaria, The magic mushroom.

Cheshire Cat, Hell-o mischievous grin :D

Mad TeaPot, are you invited to Mad-party?
Peter Rabbit says, "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"

 And don't worry if you think it's fragile, you're wrong, because it's already laminated. The drawing won't fade, the color won't run out, and the important thing is the texture still there. So, you'll have this 'watercolor experience' while you're reading your book :D

    Have a nice day everyone! 

P.s : This product is now available also at Lir Shop Jl.Anggrek 1/33, Baciro, Yogyakarta

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review from Laugh On The Floor

I tell them my story, in case you're still curious about what I'm doing here for Journ(al)ey, maybe you can check the review here.

Enjoy, and Love :D