Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh, Well..

My recent work..
Full of concept but a little tiring on the execution.

Making a book with a very small size is much tiring and spend all my patience.

The "Work" Book
8 x 10 cms
Velvet, Metal Chain and it's padlock.
(Sure, it's much hard than the other book, cause I need to sew the chain into the velvet, one by one until it make the word "WORK")
*kindly stressful..

The "Dance" Book
10 x 12 cms
Cotton, Cotton yarn, Watercolour
(The book that's more easily done, kinda fun when I have to working on it, more fun when I coloring the cotton using my lovely watercolour..)

The "Love" Book
12 x 15 cms
Belacu, Batik
(This book is the most complicated one.. I'm using batik cap to give that clown motif (thanks to Batik Komar) and should stitching the word "LOVE" on it. )


Finally, it's the series, wait for it.. wait for it.. wait for it..