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Time passes by, and I was just missed some of great review about Journ(al)ey.

So, I'm trying to turning back the time, I put some of the review here and just want to thanks for them whose already giving their review for me. I owe you so much, and I will always support all the local movement here. So, everybody... you can check their review about Journ(al)ey right from the links below :
1. Review from Mbak Tarlen a.k.a Vitarlenology.

"Belum lagi efek teh yang membuat isi halaman notebook jadi terlihat antik. Cice bilang efek teh ini, memang dibuat dengan menggunakan tetesan teh. Makin lama warnanya akan makin coklat. Garis-garisnya dan kotak-kotaknya itu beneran di garisin satu-satu sama cice.. setiap notebook jadi sangat-sangat personal."

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She always be my inspiration. She's a great and inspiring woman I've ever known. She learn bookbinding and looking forward for it. She show me some of her literature collection once we have a little chit-chat. Mbak Tarlen is the founder and the organizer of Tobucil and Klabs. Her product is always developing, and her bookbinding technique is the greatest. And all I want is being just like her. Thank you a lot Mbak Tarlen!

2. Review from Tobucil Handmade

"Perjalanan, apapun itu bentuknya adalah sebuah kisah yang menarik untuk dicatat, diceritakan. Kali ini Tobucil Handmade bercakap-cakap dengan sang pejalan tangguh.  Tentu saja, bukan biro travel yang menjadi tokoh utamanya. Adalah Cice sang penggagas Journ(al)ey dengan buku- bukunya yang ciamik dengan semena-mena mengajak untuk mengembara berkeliling Indonesia…"
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Tobucil is one of the bookstore in Bandung that based on community. Mbak Tarlen is the founder of Tobucil. This bookstore support many local artists, crafters, musicians, and also writers. The handmade movement is their biggest issue. And Tobucil have a special blog for this. It's called Tobucil Handmade.I was interviewed by Nugraha Sugiarta, one of Tobucil's contributor. He is also a writer. He ask me some question and I was so flattered that he appreciate Journ(al)ey also. You can check his blog here and he already publish his first book "Satu Masa di Cielo" Thank you Nunuw and Tobucil! :D

3. Review from Laugh On The Floor

 "Tak hanya sekedar berbisnis memproduksi notes dan bookmarks (pembatas buku), masing – masing produk dibuat secara personal melalui sentuhan gambar-gambar tangannya. Bermodalkan gemar menulis, akrab dengan kertas sejak kecil, serta demand dari kawan-kawannya,   lahirlah Journ(al)ey.."
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This is the online media that really have a complete review on their website. I feel so happy that they appreciate Journ(al)ey. They're so fun and nice. They send the question via e-mail, and I'm so happy to wrote them the answer. I told them about Journ(al)ey's story, and I hope you can also read it there. I always have a thought that I want to tell about Journ(al)ey's history here in my blog, but as usual, my procrastinating behaviour always delay me *sigh* So, before I (really) will wrote it here, maybe you can check it out first, based on their review :) Thank you a lot LOTF for the interview! :D

The Place Where Fiction and Reality Mingle : A Review

Hello... it's been a long time since my last post, I'm sorry for the laziness. It's a big bunch of procrastination I have for some months back there *biggrin*

And for my first post after so long time, finally, I'm finished editing (some) of my last trip photos to Jogja (okay, it was almost a year ago- I'm sorry, again) But, this things is killing me.. I know that I have to review this great place even if I do my procrastination for the whole time. Yes, it was LIRshop! The magical shop and I'm going there when I was at Yogyakarta (yes, my fave city, you guess). I put some of my product in this shop, you may check it out if you're going to Yogya sometimes!!

As you see, it's one of the magical things at the shop ;)
The owner, Mbak Mira has been so nice to me.. I really like her, the way that she dress and the way that she manage a shop like this was so dreamy (just like her twitter name - @dreamiy) XD and she is a blogger too!! You can check her blog here to know more about her. She's inspiring me a lot, and I love to take a peek at her blog too. And I knew directly, that she was so in love with books. And it can see from many books-inspired that she applied to her shop :)

Pick your favorite book and take a sip of some hot tea
Awww, deer!
Hello there..

My favorite corner  :)

Lir also have an art space and they have so many artsy event. It's called Lir Space. Some of local artist held their exhibition there.. And Mbak Mira, the owner of Lir also do some curatorial and review for them. And don't forget that Lir have a little dining area called Mooi. Some white table and green chairs are set up there with love.

White window and that cute embroidery hoop!!

The right quote for the right place :)

The Menu. Exactly just like a fairy tale book. Love it.

Hanging there so lovely

Pandan leaf and the tea-pot

Fruit punch, bubble gum, and red-bean homemade ice cream. Yumm!
They have so many delicious menu, that afternoon I choose the dessert and the ice cream was the best in town! Mine is the red-bean flavour, and Mbak Mira tells me it's a homemade ice cream! How can you resist them? Me absolutely can't :D

I love everythings that are hanging!!
ready for the overload loveliness :))

I can't stop smiling :)

and even the cupboard wants to chat with you :)
and once it's open..
 Sometimes, just to take a peek at the their photos and their event makes me want to live in Jogja, and I will visiting the shop whenever I want :)

and a little notes they left on the back of the menu. Well written :)
Hope you can also visit Lir Shop whenever you go to Yogyakarta. The shop is located at Jl.Anggrek 1/33 Baciro Yogyakarta. It's a peaceful and nice environment. So, you can chill and relax, and just enjoy the atmosphere :)

Photo from here

Map from here

 Check their website here and here
Facebook here
Instagram : @lirspace
Twitter: @LIRshop

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seven Beloved Items.

I don't know why, lately I feel some kind of too serious. So, this time I decided to post something fun. This is come from Perempuan Sore. She's a broadcaster in my city, and I love how she wrote, very inspiring (you can check here) and on one afternoon, she made this kind of games that we have to take a picture of our seven beloved items, and here's mine :

 Left to right:

* It's a purple hairband, always need it, because I need it to keep my hair proper. Yes, I'm the owner of messy hair type :p
* Black Cherry Umbrella, gift from my very best friend on my birthday. I love cherry very much. And I live in the city that rain frequently

* DIY journal. What more can I say? I put all my journaling thingy here :D
* Amorito Body Shop Perfume. I just love the smell of this perfume. Sweets, and authentic. Unfortunately, this thing discontinued here in Indonesia. I keep the small amount of the liquid there. I will not use it because I'm afraid I can't find the similar fragrance anymore. :(
* My swiss army wristwatch. It's a gift from my old best friend. This item already with me for mmm.. almost 7 or 8 years. And everytime I forgot to wear this things, I always kinda confuse about time :D
* last but not least.. It's my watercolor thingy!! I can't draw anything without them. and of course the brush also. Always the same team, always put them together :)

And this is my table. This is what I see from where I sat and doing some sketch and draw, and sewing, and anything else. Kinda messy, but I love it :D


Thursday, November 08, 2012

About Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Circus Journal for Mbak Ria Papermoon :)

Watercolor  and pen on concorde paper

Let me introduce you to them. They are Tupu and Moyo. They are the character from MWATHIRIKA. The play from Papermoon Puppet Theatre. I know them only from blog and finally some month ago, I met Mbak Ria, the founder of the theatre. She's found Papermoon Puppet Theatre in 2006 and now with her husband, it's expanding. I really adore her and all of her works. And just some days ago, she has her birthday, so I draw this for her birthday. Happy birthday Mbak Ria!! Keep inspire and wishing you have a blissful life!! :D

The picture taken from Papermoon Puppet Theatre Blog

And this is the custom journal I made for Mbak Ria. It was some month ago, she asks me to make custom journal for herself. She wants circus theme! She likes anything festive and carnival thingy.

So, this is how it looks :)

The Cover - Big Red Button :)

View from the back
I hope the journal is fit your expectations and going to be useful for you, Mbak Ria! :D