Monday, November 07, 2011

Day 7 Your Inspiration - My Father

Today's challenge is about your inspiration. My father is my biggest inspiration.

And this drawing also inspired by my own writing for the #11projects11days for and you can read my writing here.

Just feel free to read or maybe if you want to order and buy the book, you can also go here.

Thanks for appreciating!! Keep writing! :D

Oh, how I miss my dad :')

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Day 6 Best Friends - Sikisaga :D

The sixth challenge is to draw your best friends. I have many friends since kindergarten until I'm graduate from college. And from each level, I have a some best-best friends that still close until now. I can't draw all of 'em because it's so many! And again, I can't draw face very well ;p

So, I just draw my best friends from my college. I try to draw the forehead and the bangs. Because just some weeks ago, one of them have a special day. She's got engaged with her boyfriend, and we all come to see her. This drawing I make based on our bangs on that day ;p

You can see so many kinds of bangs here ;p

Yupp, I miss that good old days.. And I feel very grateful that we all are grown up now. Facing the future ;D

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Day 5 Favourite Food - Ice Cream!

Today I draw the ice cream that I've been dreaming for all this time. I started to like ice cream since I was child. I have my own way to enjoy an ice cream. I always finish my ice cream fast, because I don't like when it melt. So, usually I always finish my ice cream first compare to my friends ;D

The flavour that I like the most is chocolate. But actually I can eat any flavour. I just don't like if it too sour. 

So, what's your favourite food?

Day 4 Favorite Place - Bandung

Bandung is so damn freezing right now. I think because it's already rainy season on November. Last time, I read the news that the temperature is around 15-17 degree (Celcius). Whoaa, it's a breezing one. But I do really like it. Even when Bandung is hot, I like it even more (FYI, I don't like rainy days) 

Bandung is so crowded after all. From week to week, the traffic jam getting worse. And when I'm looking at the car on the road, most of all have letter 'B' on their police number. I'm wondering why many Jakarta's people always come to Bandung so often? What are they looking for? And thanks God, you still make my Bandung feel kinda freezing even when so many Jakarta's people so crowded here and might bring some 'hot' situation ;p

I always think that Bandung is so special and beautiful. I think lot of people feel the same way about it. My Bandung is getting crowded and famous. But I hope Bandung will be the same for me. I hope Bandung will never change. Even at least start from some years ago, Bandung have a lot of transformation. I feel a little dissapointed, but this is still my city. I have lived here for almost twenty five years, for whole my life. So I will love this city until I die. I will not forget this city and what happening to me in here. 

With love, from me. :)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Day 3 Family - Special Day

Today's challenge is about family. Draw anything about your family. Actually for me, the challenge is kinda hard because I don't know what to draw.. I don't want to draw any face here, because I'm not really good at it. ;p

So I think it's better to draw anything else. And then I remember the special moment in my home every year on Idul Fitri Day. There's so many people came to my house, cousins, auntie, uncle, and the rest of the family ;p

In Indonesia, we have this kind of culture that everytime you come to someone's house, you must open your shoes before enter. So, usually they take off their shoes in the front door of my house, and I can't remember when I start to observe it. I always love to see many kind of shoes and slippers in front door. It's very "family-time" and I feel so happy to see many family member in my house ;)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Day 2 Your Hobby - Dancing Passionately

Today's challenge is to draw my hobby. I always love to do the traditional dance, especially the Javanese dance. Beside my daily activities, I always feel like dancing is my sanctuary. I dance to relax. I enjoy every single step that Javanese traditional dance have. It was very smooth and beautiful. I feel like a 'real' woman when I dance. ;)

And off course it was very hard, especially when I have to listen to the melody from the Gamelan set. I have this special community in my college back then. I was dancing with them for two years. And it's been very wonderful experience that I ever feel. Right now, I'm kinda busy to get along with them anymore. And I'm missing them like crazy. I hope in the future I can going back to dance again :')

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Day 1 About Yourself - Bubbles Away

Watercolor and pen on yellow paper

So, this is the first day..
The theme today is about myself.  I draw myself in the middle of circle, with many bubbles around. I like to draw bubble, maybe because it's simple and easy to draw. Hehe.. but actually, I I DO really like bubble. I like to play with bubble. Since I was child, I kinda remember that I like to play with it. 

This is my bubble's bottle, my ver best friend, Nana, give me this cute stuff. She knows that I really like playing with bubbles ;p

 Playing bubbles is so fun and make me happy. And the important thing is, it's so cheap and easy to make! You can make it yourself. Here I give you the recipe : 

1. Prepare a bowl, or a bottle, or anything that can hold liquids inside.
2. Pour your favorite liquid hand soap (mine is D**D**--this soap have many many bubbles! :D)
3. Add some water (not too much!)
4. Stir with a spoon or anything that can be used for stirring ;p
5. Grab some straw, or you can make the blower from a wire, formed a circle, and put wool yarn around it
6. DONE!! You can start play now! :D


 p.s : I just realize that I have so many many pictures of myself playing with bubbles ;)