Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reminder :)

So, June almost over. We're waiting for your photos of your Travel Journal! Don't forget our giveaway is waiting for you! So, for end this month, we are doing our clearance sale! The Travel Journal Series is back again with new magical bonus! Yupp, the gorgeous World Globe Necklace! it's only 5 pieces, and I wrap it up with complete Travel Journal package. And of course, with the reachable prices :)

You can have this whole package with only 100.000 IDR. The content is : 
- 1 pcs of A5 Travel Journal 30 sheets ( Plain Paper)
- 1 pcs of A6 Travel Journal 36 sheets (Grid Paper)
- 2 pcs of Old Maps Bookmark
- 1 pcs World-Globe Necklace

 This is the whole five series in a row. The different is only at the details, like beads and the string, and also, the color of the journal. You can see the details in my Facebook page also. Pick your favourite and contact me at, or simply just visit my Facebook page and messages me! :D