Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Day 1 About Yourself - Bubbles Away

Watercolor and pen on yellow paper

So, this is the first day..
The theme today is about myself.  I draw myself in the middle of circle, with many bubbles around. I like to draw bubble, maybe because it's simple and easy to draw. Hehe.. but actually, I I DO really like bubble. I like to play with bubble. Since I was child, I kinda remember that I like to play with it. 

This is my bubble's bottle, my ver best friend, Nana, give me this cute stuff. She knows that I really like playing with bubbles ;p

 Playing bubbles is so fun and make me happy. And the important thing is, it's so cheap and easy to make! You can make it yourself. Here I give you the recipe : 

1. Prepare a bowl, or a bottle, or anything that can hold liquids inside.
2. Pour your favorite liquid hand soap (mine is D**D**--this soap have many many bubbles! :D)
3. Add some water (not too much!)
4. Stir with a spoon or anything that can be used for stirring ;p
5. Grab some straw, or you can make the blower from a wire, formed a circle, and put wool yarn around it
6. DONE!! You can start play now! :D


 p.s : I just realize that I have so many many pictures of myself playing with bubbles ;)

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