Tuesday, October 30, 2012

OCTOBER 2012 READY STOCK : Nautical Series

This is still about our new ready stock for this month. The second theme is : (you got it right) NAUTICAL :)
Since it's our best seller, so I try to make another two. This time, I make it with weekly planner inside. With compact size, so, it will be easy for you to bring it anywhere. Even for a sailing ;)

Here they are, the sisters :D

For the first journal, I make the red one. It's portrait, and done with that anchor button tied with blue-ribbon. You have to take it sailing with you! :D

Red Portrait
The button details

The Inside Pages:

The Lighthouse. Watercolor on paper.

Just Relax :) Watercolor on paper.

Weekly planner. With cute little sailing boat :)

 And for the second journal, I made it blue with landscape orientation. It will be so easy to wrote on it while you're relaxing on the beach. Play with the sand, and don't forget to collect the shells and stick it to your journal ;)

Look at those shiny blue-button!
Blue Landscape

The drawing inside are just the same, but with different orientation:
The Lighthouse. Watercolor on paper.

Sit back and Relax. Watercolor on paper.

Weekly planner. Landscape.
And I give some space for you to write or sketch, or doing collage, or whatever you like on a blank-blue -page- with some splashes of watercolor. It's white on blue.

Let's go sailing! Adieu :)

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