Monday, October 29, 2012

OCTOBER 2012 READY STOCK : Kitchen Series


I've made this series because I was hungry :p
Suddenly it comes to my mind to draw some of 'yummy' thingy. 
At first, I draw some of pastry that I love. I also looking for the references from here
(actually, I've got so many inspiring theme from that website)
"Hmm yummy!" - Watercolor on Paper

And this is what "Belongs To" pages looks like :)
Utensils - Watercolor on Paper
Weekly Planner - Some splashes of watercolor :D

There you go, your splashes of tea.
The Spatulas. A6. 50 Sheets. AVAILABLE

The button details
The Cherries. A6. 50 Sheets. -SOLD

Wrap around your journal

Oh, how I love to eat!! What about you??
So, whatever it is, I hope you all have a nice meals during today and everyday! :D

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