Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seven Beloved Items.

I don't know why, lately I feel some kind of too serious. So, this time I decided to post something fun. This is come from Perempuan Sore. She's a broadcaster in my city, and I love how she wrote, very inspiring (you can check here) and on one afternoon, she made this kind of games that we have to take a picture of our seven beloved items, and here's mine :

 Left to right:

* It's a purple hairband, always need it, because I need it to keep my hair proper. Yes, I'm the owner of messy hair type :p
* Black Cherry Umbrella, gift from my very best friend on my birthday. I love cherry very much. And I live in the city that rain frequently

* DIY journal. What more can I say? I put all my journaling thingy here :D
* Amorito Body Shop Perfume. I just love the smell of this perfume. Sweets, and authentic. Unfortunately, this thing discontinued here in Indonesia. I keep the small amount of the liquid there. I will not use it because I'm afraid I can't find the similar fragrance anymore. :(
* My swiss army wristwatch. It's a gift from my old best friend. This item already with me for mmm.. almost 7 or 8 years. And everytime I forgot to wear this things, I always kinda confuse about time :D
* last but not least.. It's my watercolor thingy!! I can't draw anything without them. and of course the brush also. Always the same team, always put them together :)

And this is my table. This is what I see from where I sat and doing some sketch and draw, and sewing, and anything else. Kinda messy, but I love it :D


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