Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Go- Go, My Bubbles Away..

Go- Go My Bubbles Away..
80 Sheets A5 14 x 20.5 Cm Hard cover with cotton case

The cotton case I sew by myself, lace and vintage button are customize. Only one available. The paper inside are various. I'm mixing bits of old magazines and old papers.

This is a piece of old magazines that I use in my book

and maybe you remember the grid paper from your childhood? Oh, how I love the grid paper.. I love how it looks, and it's feel great

and see the little shoes that I'm drawing at the corner!!

The "in-case-of-lost-please-return-to" page

as you can see, I draw so many of bubbles there..
This book contains bubbles pictures and foot which is always interesting to draw..

The foot drawing

And i also want to show you, many detail of this book..
(Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, the light when I take the picture was not good enough)

The lace and vintage button details
(You can see the bookmark made from white ribbon)

The Back side

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