Tuesday, May 08, 2012

"It Was a Book, Now It's an Art" GIVEAWAY!!!

Helloooo!!! Journ(al)ey have a special gift for you. It’s so easy…you just have to complete the following steps:
1.   Buy A5 Journ(al)ey’s “The Travel Journal” (check our Facebook Page here : Journ(al)ey to purchase) - and don't forget to Like our Facebook page!

A5 The Travel Journal
30 sheets
A5 20 x 13.5 cmBookpaper 70 gsm
base color: Blue, original brown, and red-burnt sienna

@35.000 IDR

The front-page.
You can write down your name there :)

The inside page.
Using bookpaper 70 gsm
I splashed the tea into the paper
Let's just be personal

2    2.   Fill it up and create your own world on your Journ(al)ey! You can write, sketch, coloring, drawing, make a collage, or anything else you want!
  3.  REMEMBER! You just have to make it as cool as you could imagine in your own terms of creative!
4   4. When it’s done, grab your camera and capture the image of your creation on “The Travel Journal” as many as you want!
5   5. Send it to journaley.indonesia@yahoo.com before 1st of July 2012 extended to 5th of July 2012
6   6. At the end of July (July 31st, 2012) we will choose best of three that will get an interesting gift from Journ(al)ey!! (check here, or here, or here to see the example of the prize! )

You can get an opportunity to order custom handmade journal in A5 size based on your own theme and preferences for FREE!

So, what are you waiting for?! Get your own Journ(al)ey, complete the steps, and win your prize!!


  1. cicee,,,aku mauuuu

  2. jadi beli Journ(al)ey dulu ya? trus diapain lagi? *huaa maaf b.ing ku parah nih :( mohon penjelasannya ^^

  3. @ira: ayo iraaa,dipeseen..sms aja atuh ira mah.,hehe
    @rahma: iyaa,jd beli Travel Journal yg ukuran A5, trus diisi dan dihias2 terserah mau diapain aja, ditulisin, digambarin, apapun deh pokonya,trus tar difoto, fotonya dikirim via email sebelum tgl 1 juli, nah tiga org yg kepilih tar dapet hadiah, Hadiahnya custom journal dan bisa pesen tema sendiri, nanti dibuatin spesial dan gratis :D

    kalo mau pesen Travel journalnya bisa kirim email ke journaley.indonesia@yahoo.com yaaa