Tuesday, May 08, 2012

About Crafty Days :)

Hello, everyone!! I'm back from the madness of Crafty Days by Tobucil. It was sooo great! That was my first time join the event. And I was so exhausted to prepare all the stuff. But in the end, it was going well. I met many talented crafters and feel so happy to share and listen to their stories. I feel so comfortable to be there, surroundings by so many people that have big dreams and passion. I hope I will be like them someday, to build my dreams and passion, and to prove that with dreaming we can make everything. So sad, I don't take any picture of the event. But I have one picture of my booth from the lovely crafter next to my booth, Mbak Aphrodita Wibowo from Cemprut. I knew her only from blogwalking and because of her products is amazing. It was so nice to meet her and her husband. They share their experiences to me, and I learn so many things from them. Thanks a lot Mbak Dita and Mas Agung!! :)

This the picture of my booth.
Mbak Dita took the picture :)

Okay, that a little story from Crafty Days. Maybe later I will post some picture (not many) because actually my boyfriend did take some picture ;p

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