Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Since 1940

Finally, I'm ready to make a new review for my Journ(al)ey. This is another book that I made with vintage-feeling :)

The view from the front while the book is already sealed. 
Since 1940
80 sheets
A6 10.5 x 14 cm
 Handmade, cotton case.

The view from the back while the book is already sealed.

I draw some stuff like lamp, typewriter, and an old telephone. I add some signature style with tea and old paper. Oh, how I always excited with this kind of stuff!! :D

Drawing pen, watercolour, Rugos on Concorde.

Ink and tea on Concorde.
Watercolour and pen on Concorde.

I make a monthly calendar also. Just in case you need to plan your day! 

Tea, marker on HVS

Put some words in some page. You can write down your ideas here in the book! :)

The front-page, I use Rugos and paper-tape to add some details.

The details .. I use cotton fabric for the cover. It's a bit ochre for the color. And I also put some roses button with cream-colored ribbon sewn on the cover.

Enjoy, and see you on the next update!

p.s : and thanks to Ira for the photos! :D


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  2. hallo mbak, salam kenal :) Aku tahu blog ini dari blog mbak tarlen, dan langsung sukaa :D Duluu selalu pengen bikin jurnal sendiri tapi nggak pernah telaten buatnya :D


  3. halo jugaa... salam kenal yaa,ayo semangat berkarya :D
    btw, saya liat jg blognya, bagus bgt lho itu projectnya,yg 365 make batik pattern. semangat yaa!

  4. eh baru lihat postingan ini.
    Terima kasih loh ce sudah dibuatkan bukunya, sahabat aku seneng dapet kado buku ini :)