Monday, February 13, 2012

Mr. Sherlock for Sarah Anggia

This is my gift to another best friend. She really likes Sherlock Holmes. And back in the day, we were watching the first Sherlock Holmes movie together. Yes, I make this book a long long time ago (right after the first Sherlock Holmes movie released) It was just me (again) who always late to post here ;p

I inspired by the credit title of the movie. That was incredible! I really like the visualization. The motion and the graphic was so awesome. And my best friend, she ask me to make the book according to it. So, with some research here and there, here it is the result. May you enjoy it also! :D

Mr. Sherlock
80 sheets
A5 14 x 20.5 cm
Cotton case

The Typewriter.
Drawing pen, ink, watercolour, and rugos on concorde.

Vintage Fan
Drawing pen and watercolour on concorde.

Mr. Sherlock
Ink on concorde.

Some clue here and there.
Ink, pen on concorde.

Some from the inside page. You can see some silhouette and  fingerprint :D

The Details.
I put brown ribbon and sew it on the case ;)

See you on the next Journ(al)ey! 


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  1. aaa cice,,lucu deh bukunya.
    Jadi ingin memesan lagi XD