Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Soka & Kacapiring

Idul Fitri holidays have arrived. I am very pleased to be able to come home. And when I get home, this is the first thing I saw.

Two Hydrangeas and a Gardenia in a vase of used bottles. Amazing isn't it?

That's my mom the one who did it, if you want to know. She set it on the table of our own living room.

And she told me that the Hydrangeas in Indonesian is called Soka, and Gardenia is called Kacapiring. Hoo, I love how the flowers mentioned in my own language..

Then I got the idea to set up two lovely tea cups from my friends on my birthday. Remember I promised to show it before?

Yes, here are that two special and lovely tea cups. With a decal detail of cherry and raspberry on it.

Then I arrange them together..

The box is a packaging of these two cups. It was a very good packaging..

So, Happy Holiday everybody..! Have a very great great Idul Fitri..!!

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