Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Try Retro" Journ(al)ey for Delia Safira

Finally, I post something about my book again.. Hehe.. Actually, I already finished this book since like some months ago, but not have time to do the review here. *sigh*

So, now I try to give you some picture about it. The book itself is about retro style. This is a gift for my friend Delia Safira for her journey to another country. She likes vintage stuff, or, it was just my opinion, but I knew her well, so I just make the book based on my tought. Hehe..

For this book, I'm not doing many research, because as you know, I like a lot of vintage stuff as well, so I just draw, and draw, and draw.. For the finishing touch, I add some button with washed-out color for the book cover. It's retro - fun! :D

All using watercolor & tea

see you! :D

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