Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Yea, i've got my first award.. thank you so much to Mbak Uty Destanto for giving me this award. So, for accepting this award, I have to :
  1. thank and link to the person who awarded me this award.
  2. share 8 things about myself.
  3. pay it forward to 8 bloggers that i have recently discovered.
  4. contact those blogger and tell them about their awards.

So, let's go done this whole things.. First of all, as I said before, thanks to Mbak Uty Destanto (once again) and off course I have linked her here in my blog. Check her lovely artwork at her blog here.

And then, I've got to tell you 8 things about myself.. Hmm, it's kinda hard, though. But, lets try a little..

1. I'm so much obsessive about memories. And adore all the old-school and vintage thingy. (gotta post about it later!)

this is my lovely old typewriter. It was belong to my father.

2. Love paper so much. I know it sounds weird, but I truly fallin' in love with paper since I was child. My father is researcher for wood and rayon fiber. And I remember he has one book full with sample of many kind of paper. And I love to steal it from his drawer, just to smell the scent of paper or to feel its texture.

a little peek of the process

3. I love books. Literally. Books. Not only as literature, but book as it shape. The binding, the cover, and sometimes the smell, if it an old book--well, you know what I mean?

picture from here

4. I'm working as a carpet designer in the suburbs. So, actually, I'm a little 'away' from the civilization by the weekday.

see threads like this every day. weaving and weaving.

5. I'm falling in love with traditional dancing. it's just like my sanctuary on my hectic days.

6. Really loves my mom. And Dad. And my two brother. Family. Can't live without them.

this is my beloved dad

7. I have this writing hobbies. And I have another blog for this stuff. Check here if you wanna read my blabbings. Hehe

8. Last but not least, I'm going to tell you the fact, that it takes time around a month to done one journal that I've made. Since I made it alone by myself. First from the process of cutting and collect the paper. Until it sketches and draw and then I sew the cover. So, you better be patient if you're already order my journal. But I try to make it with all my heart and it's truly special for all this journal that I've done. ;D

another process (gotta share about it later)

Okay, now, I must forward this award to the other 8, here is the blogger that I think deserves for this award:

1. Nyala
2. Sehabis Hujan Ada Pelangi
3. Penulis yang pernah (go) blog!
4. Calm and Go
5. Dreamesh
6. Lia's Crafty Journey
7. Vantiani
8. Design by Vitarlenology

And now, gotta go.. I must tell them about this award that I've gave to them. So, have a nice day all!!


  1. ..hai citrarini...
    terimakasih untuk award-nya yah.. :)
    salam kenal dan boleh saya add link blognya?

    embun :)

  2. haloo juga..panggil saya cice aja..silakan di-link, nanti saya link balik yaa^^

  3. wahhh... terima kasih ya buat awardnya.. :) eh aku pengen pesen notebook kamu dong.. gimana caranya? emailku:

  4. ciceee terimakasih banyak awardnya :)

    ak harus bilang sesuatu.
    pas baca posting tentang diary yang kamu buat, super m a n u a l, merinding parah :)
    banyak kandungan 'hati' disana :) jangan berenti bikin y ce

    ak juga mau dong info price notesnya :)

  5. Buat Mbak Tarlen,sama-sama yaa mbaakk..itu saya udah kirim email yaa^^

    buat dina : aiihh,,iya sama2 dinaa,,nyala juga harus nyala trus yaa! hehe,,okee,,tar aku kirim email yaa!

  6. Hey!

    Terimakasih buat awardnya ya! Blog yang vanillavain sudah penuh, jadi mau bikin yang baru lagi.Blognya manis sekali:)


  7. selamat yah sista dapet award :D
    wah 8 hal tentang diri kamu itu unik menurut aku sista, aku bahkan nggak bisa gunain mesin tik, hehe

  8. buat mbak Ika-vantiani :sama-sama mbaakk,,salam kenal ya!!

    buat chici : haha,iya abisnya dirumah ada mesin tik, jadi dipake aja..hehe,,salam kenaall!!^^