Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Journal : Flowers Edition

This is the book that I've made around November-December 2010 (can't remember), I make this book upon a request from my friend who want to give a special gift for her mother (thanks to Rizky Rahmayanti).

First thing I had in my mind when I remember about Mom, or Mother is one : FLOWER. So, I just get ready to research some flower illustration , and ta-daaa.. thanks to a print a day that have this beautiful illustration of flower, so that gimme an idea to draw some of them.
So, this is what i've draw and sketch.

Watercolor and pen on concorde paper

And maybe you wan't to know what the books like, but unfortunately, I'm kinda forget to capture the book in a proper way, so before I hand over the book to my friend, I've make a quick capture with my phone, that really have a limited quality. So, this is the book (sorry for bad picture) a simple one, with a big lace-ribbon in front of it.

The Journal : Flower Edition
A5 14 x 20.5 cm
80 sheets
Handmade, hard cover wtih cotton case

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