Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Journal : Memories Edition

It's kinda hectic this week. Feels tired and exhausted. Making this book is a little helper to raise my mood. I take this advice for my life now : "do what you feels like you do"

I'm just waiting my time to do that. Cause sometimes you can't do it for granted.
Yeah, still long way to-go, dear.. Be strong. ;)

This is the books..

tea and typewriter is so damn good together

some 'manual lining' using my favourite ink (and tea, too)

yes, I draw the line, manually
feels good when you done that with your heart :)

My brother's old collection
(He left it to me, and I give it to you, because I believe the memory won't run out)

and, again, my favourite
(yes, it's taken from first MOCCA'c cover album, lovely beautiful girl dancing with the fellowman ;))

ready to-go

cheers :)

Okay, what's for the next book?
Gotta update more.. ;D

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