Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dancing Ladita.

I made this new book for some weeks. Really need some references about ballet movements. But in the end I could finish it.

This book has not belong to someone. Because, right now, while I keep busy with making some 'books order', I try to make my own supplies too. Yeah, providing just in case you're interested..=p

So, this is some pictures about this new book called "Dancing Ladita". It's because this book is about the dancing, ballet especially (maybe I'll try to draw some Indonesian traditional dance on the next book ;p) and I know someone whose called Dita, that really great on dancing (not ballet actually, she's my dancing partner, and she's adorable at that)

Well, enjoy! :D

This is how the book looks
The color I choose is pink, and another pastel colors. It's just show the image of the ballerina in my thought.

This is the detail.
Ribbon. Big pink button. And wool cotton.

The 'in-case-of-lost-please-return-to' page.
Drawing pen and watercolor on Canson paper.
Also using Rugos for the words.

The inside.
I draw some ballet figure on silhouette.
Marker on creme HVS 80 gr

I also added some monthly plan here. Just in case the dancers wanna make some schedule.
Pink stabilo, ink, watercolor on HVS 80 gr

Ballet shoes.
Pen and watercolor on Canson Paper.

The Ballerina.
Pen and watercolor on Canson Paper.

"Dancing Ladita"
80 sheets
A5 14 x 20.5 cm
Handmade, cotton case, hard cover


  1. wah ini maksudnya mbak dita yaa?? haha.

    karena baca ini, aku jadi inget dulu waktu masih kecil aku suka banget komik ballet (Silver Toe Shoes Mari-chan!) :D

  2. ahahaha..iya dit, izin pinjem namamu yaa^^
    u're so inspiring.kyaaahahaha..;p
    dirimu baca aja lagi, kirain ga bakal baca,hehe,jd mau bikin buku yg versi tari tradisionalnya nih,tp msh bingung gambarnya,,hehe..

  3. cantik jurnalnya, suka sama efek cat air dan siluet penari baletnya, aku ada award buat kamu di, semoga suka...

  4. Beautiful! Where can i order your books?