Friday, February 25, 2011

Lè Voyagè

Bonjour à tous!!

So last month I finished another work. This is two identical book. The theme is France. Yes, France, a country that have known for --what else-- the one and only, Eiffel Tower. I am a bit random when drawing for this book, because it is a request from one friend of mine, Ustica Haedy. She's just mentions several things that she likes. And I likes, "okay, let's do some sketch" ;D

But it kinda fun, though. I always enjoy working based upon request. So, she said that she loves pastel colours, tea, tree, and chocolate.
Hey, it's all refer to some of French's sense, right? So, here there are,,this is the appearance of the books..

They are two sisters.. ;)

They love each other :)

And the illustration inside the books..

The In-case-of-loss page. I always love to put this sentence in every book I've made. Taken and inspired from Moleskine's Sketchbook for Van Gogh I've seen in a bookstore.
pen, watercolor, tea, and rugos on concorde paper

What else? It's Eiffel..
pen and watercolor on concorde paper

pen and watercolor on concorde paper

Ink on concorde

au revoir!!

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