Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Place Called Adorable

Yes, yes, yes, I talk about Portobello Market in Nothing Hill, London. If you have heard before, maybe?

I know this place when I open the old pages of incredible websites I always visit, this cherry blossom girl's pages. Then I simply search on google search engine, and I know I'm in the right direction. And the other links came...

I read here and they said, "Portobello Market Place is a tourist trap and a native institution, an antiques heaven and a junk yard, a food market and a scavenger's paradise for vintage and cutting-edge fashion where you might spot designers like Marc Jacobs checking out the merchandise"

and this, this, this... the pictures that I found, complete with the source that discusses the Portobello Market if you're curious..

buttons, lace, cotton-fabric with flowery and another vintage-detail.
Oh I HAVE to go here someday.

Oh, oh.. Is that icing sugar and cream??


And lastly, nothing more than the cup of tea and the teapot, and with other details.

Ow, that reminds me that I want to tell you about my birthday last month, when my friends give surprise a pair of cups of tea which is very interesting. With details of cherry and raspberry on the cups and saucers. Ah, the picture later on, baby!

this place is superb!

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