Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey, July..

Ok, I try to handle my inconsistent behaviour about this blogging thing.

You know, living and working in the suburbs can actually make your brain work to figure out what should you do to break up the boredom.

this is my list of the month :

- barefoot on the green grass or sand, or whatever, i love being barefoot

picture from here

i love how it show you how natural your step is.. ;))

ah.. cute and beautiful barefoot,,

and I'm mostly always barefoot when dancing..

and when take a break while practice...

(guess where's my feet??)

but mostly, i always love being barefoot.. I don't know why..

and this is my favourite slipper, transparent, and simple.. just gimme the feeling I called 'barefoot effect'

(sorry for my swollen feet, that's when I've got exhausted after a long trip to a beautiful island..)

- I really loves clothespin, whatever it form, wooden, plastic, any colour,just gimme this,,

source : here



and google image.

but mostly wooden, I guess.. hehe..

and this is mine.. I started to collect them, when I (actually, my best friend) finally found it in ACE HARDWARE. Thanks, Kay!!

cute, isn't it??

and i'm into new camera now. please somebody, i need powershot canon E1 right now. where the hell i can get this thing

and finally,,
I give you some spoiler about where I live.. yes, the suburbs, it has a lot of rice fields around.. and surrounded by the mountains..

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